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I’m Jacquelyn Weis.

​I am enrolled with Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation, who lives in Camas, Washington. I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Body Code Practitioner, Belief Code Practitioner, T3 Therapist, Native Herbalist, Native Holistic Healer, Author and mother.


I integrate the Emotion/Body Code, Trauma Decoding and my native traditional healing to create an output that will help you connect and heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Throughout my life I have faced multiple hardships that I had to push myself through.

I am a multiple rape survivor and childhood rape survivor. These experiences have only made me more compassionate towards the world and encouraged me to find the most effective healing. This experience has lead me to my dreams and directed me to help heal women physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.


I help women heal core wounds from sexual, domestic and childhood trauma and embody divine consciousness to effortlessly receive the soul-enriching divine power and love they desire. 


When you commit to you, life gets exciting!

The bi-product of stepping into your power and authenticity is the ease of manifestation. Life truly becomes magical when you release the subconscious blocks and limitations that hold you back. Aligning with what you want energetically - vibrationally, mentally, emotionally and physically is the only guaranteed way to manifest your dream love and life. It is my mission and passion to help others heal, unite with their most authentic self and thrive after trauma.


I’m here to support you to unlock the greatness within you, help you step into your power and realize your fullest potential. You didn’t come here to struggle. You came here to be in the highest vibration of love and joy every day. There’s no time to play small, safe or scared anymore!You came here to live your greatest life, so let’s help you get there now!

Your Life At Your Terms

I’ve supported my clients in healing from trauma, leaving the past behind them and showing them how to consciously create their desired reality. I helped many women leave abusive or unfulfilling relationships and learn to love themselves first. Self-love is so much more than just self-care and when you master it you’ll discover one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have; - the relationship with yourself. Only from this place of unity with your whole self, you can attract your dream partner, meaningful purpose and countless joyous soulful experiences. Because of my personal experience I deeply understand the healing journey and Spiritual awakening as well as what it takes to fully reconnect to your Soul and trust yourself as you unleash your power and purpose.


I work with clients around the world! When we allow ourselves to step into the magic of the unknown, outside of our comfort zone, we give ourselves the permission to ask for more. That is the zone of limitless possibilities! When we are aligned from within, we effortlessly create the love, joy and abundance we seek externally. Most people awaken through pain but releasing those old layers of trauma gives you a chance to live again; this time on your terms, leaving the survival behind you and stepping into the heart-aligned blissful love and life you deserve.

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