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Ready to transform your pain into personal power and purpose to thrive, love and live from a place of authentic alignment?

Choose a path that feels right for you!

Heart Wall Clearing Session

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the greatest discovery in Energy Healing is the Heart Wall and clearing the layers of trauma over the heart. If you are dealing with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD or other emotional disorders, this may be a very powerful procedure for you.


1) More Energy and Stronger Immune System

2) Clarity of your Mission in Life

3) You will feel more love from others

4)Your love influence will be more effective

5) You will have more access to wealth and abundance.



Body And Emotion Code, Belief Code, T3 Therapy Session

  • Address your biggest blocks around personal power.
  • Rewire any disempowering Inner Self-talk and move towards Unconditional Self-love.

  • Heal and upgrade allowing and your

    ability to receive the best things in life.

It's time to stop being stuck in fear, pain, anxiety, depression, and self sabotage so you can have the life you want. The path to your new reality is within The Body Code- a powerful and unique new approach to healing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain. We would love to help you with any symptoms you are currently dealing with.


Group Healing Session

Group Healing Session

Topic: Anxiety, stress and depression.

This session is a remote group healing session around releasing intense emotions, including but not limited to trapped emotions from your own experiences, inherited from ancestors, energies picked up from others, other imbalances in your body, core negative beliefs and chakra imbalances. Once I release these I will infuse positive energy attuned with Reiki.

This is an emailed session. You do not have to do anything, just go about your day or night as you normally do.

When I have finished you will receive an email with detailed notes of everything I have release



The Emotion Code and Body Code Therapy

The Emotion Code and Body Code is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Releasing Trapped Emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. Filled with real-world examples from many years of clinical practice, The Emotion Code and Body Code has become a distinct and authoritative new work destined to become an instant classic on self-healing!

1 Month Coaching: Heal from trauma and thrive.

  • Healing your trauma through energy healing.
  • Reprogramming subconscious belief systems.
  • Reprocess old painful trauma to release inner blocks and unlock your hidden potential.

8 personalized coaching and emotion code sessions designed to address your biggest unresolved trauma that is blocking from you expressing your most authentic essence.

During the 8 sessions, we work through any painful developmental or shock trauma such as painful memories related to childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and domestic violence: (mental, emotional, spiritual, verbal or physical) that needs to be reprocessed to help you feel inner

peace and freedom.

We will release the underlying subconscious stress and install new templates of empowering beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors at the subconscious level of the mind.

This will help you to operate from this new identity as quickly as you are ready to.

I will coach you to integrate the new

identity into your day-to-day life to effortlessly manifest from the place of

inner alignment and authenticity.


1 Month Coaching: Divine Goddess Embodiment

  • Address your biggest blocks around personal power.

  • Rewire any disempowering Inner Self-talk and move towards Unconditional Self-love.

  • Heal and upgrade allowing and your

    ability to receive the best things in life.

Heal underlying trauma and rebalance your Masculine and Feminine energy to express your fullest potential and effortlessly magnetize your goals and desires.

8 deeply transforming personalized coaching and trauma healing plan is designed to address your biggest blocks around personal power, authentic expression and ability to receive the best things in life. During the 8 sessions, we help you heal your Inner Child, release subconscious trauma

and unblock your authentic power and purpose.

You’ll feel confident, aligned from within and able to take action on your dreams, goals and desires. With powerful tools, practices and coaching, I’ll help you remember who you authentically are and what you truly desire to express. 

We’ll quantum jump to your

highest version of yourself, helping you

release any codependency or self-sabotaging patterns and step into the life you desire.

People-pleasing, over-giving and waiting for the permission to thrive are soon going to be a thing of the past! 

You deserve to have it all and this coaching program will help you heal on a very deep level to fulfill your greatest potential.


1 Month Coaching: Divine Union Embodiment

  • Heal your unconscious Programming around Love & Relationships to release self-sabotage that stands in the way of Divine Union. 
  • Heal your personal Core Wounds (Abandonment, Attachment, Safety, Personal power, Worthiness or others) that block true love and intimacy.
  • With powerful practical tools, exercises and coaching, I’ll help you transform your pain into personal power, wisdom and self-trust.

These 8 sessions is deeply transformative hybrid (group + 1 on 1) coaching and trauma healing plan is designed to help you heal the deepest inner blocks that keep you stuck in toxic cycles.


During theses 8 weeks, I help you heal your core wounds that hold you back from attracting the love you desire and deserve.


What our customers are saying

The body code has helped me release sadness and unworthiness that I've carried with me throughout my life. I have been able to move forward in my life and I have a renewed sense of hope for the future.

Breanna Potter

I recently had a Body and Emotion Code Session and we worked on my lower back pain. At the beginning of the session my pain level was at a 7. We effectively worked through and released many trapped emotions. At the end of the session I no longer had lower back pain and I gained flexibility in my lumbar vertebrae. I am pain free and look forward to working with Jacquelyn again. - Julie Lacey from UK.

I used to cry myself to sleep every night. My childhood, my past, my life in general would haunt me every night when I went to bed. I set up a session with Jacquelyn and a week later went to bed and DID NOT cry myself to sleep! I went right to sleep. No emotions flooded my head; no past memories haunted me. - Kelly Webster from USA.

Ever since you released a trapped emotion of crying from my son he hasn't had 1 single episode of crying outbursts (they happened daily). He actually smiles more! Truly a blessing! - Jocelyn Shivers from USA.

Jacquelyn Weis worked on my daughter for dyslexia. My daughter is no longer classified as dyslexic and is now in an advanced reading group. My daughter is currently in the 5th grade. - Dawn Brune from CA. USA


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